TOUR UPDATE: Added more shows to meet demand in Austin, SF, Chicago, NOLA, Minneapolis, Charleston, Seattle, Bakersfield, Milwaukee. Buy tickets now at If you don’t see your city, sign up to be notified when we add it on the site. Here’s full list of shows on sale now:

MARCH 7 - 7pm - South Bend, IN - Morris Performing Arts Center

MARCH 13 - 7pm - Charleston, SC - Charleston Music Hall

MARCH 13 - 10pm - Charleston, SC - Charleston Music Hall

MARCH 14 - 730pm - Atlanta, GA - Fox Theater

MARCH 16 - 10pm - Saint Petersberg, FL - The Mahaffey Theater

MARCH 26 - 7pm - Portland, OR - Keller Auditorium

MARCH 27 - 7pm - Eugene, OR - Hult Center for the Performing Arts

MARCH 31 - 7pm - Seattle, WA - Moore Theatre

APRIL 3 - 10pm - San Francisco, CA - Davies Symphony Hall

APRIL 5 - 7pm - Bakersfield, CA - Fox Theatre

APRIL 5 - 10pm - Bakersfield, CA - Fox Theatre

APRIL 6 - 7pm - Santa Barbara, CA - Arlington Theatre

APRIL 19 - 930pm - Austin, TX - Bass Hall

APRIL 21 - 7pm - New Orleans,LA - Mahalia Jackson Theater

APRIL 21 - 10pm - New Orleans,LA - Mahalia Jackson Theater

APRIL 24 - 730pm - St. Louis, MO - Fox Theatre

APRIL 25 - 7pm - Cincinatti, OH - Horseshoe Casino

APRIL 25 - 10pm - Cincinatti, OH - Horseshoe Casino

APRIL 26 - 7pm - Columbus, OH - Palace Theater

MAY 1 - 945pm - Boston, MA - The Wilbur Theatre

MAY 2 - 10pm - Boston, MA - The Wilbur Theatre

MAY 3 - 830pm - Providence, RI - Veterans Memorial Auditorium

MAY 4 - 7pm - Springfield, MA - Symphony Hall

MAY 15 - 7pm - Nashville, TN - Jackson Hall at TPAC

MAY 17 - 7pm - Minneapolis, MN - Orpheum Theatre

MAY 19 - 7pm - Milwaukee, WI - Riverside Theater

MAY 19 - 930pm - Milwaukee, WI - Riverside Theater

MAY 20 - 7pm - Madison, WI - Overture Center

MAY 21 - 7pm - Chicago, IL - Chicago Theater

MAY 21 - 10pm - Chicago, IL - Chicago Theater

Ron Swanson + food

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Trying to pan sear a whole rack of wild boar in 8 minutes


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Post for Scandal fans: filming, mild spoilers…

Hey everyone, I work in downtown LA. On my lunch break I saw a film crew and much to my surprise they were filming a scene of scandal. I walked past Colombus and Guillermo whom I then stopped to chat with. He was so nice and sweet. We talked for about five minutes. He said they were filming episode one. Kerry was very casual with her hair tied back, wearing a light sweater, jeans and black kicks. Very pretty and small in real life.  They were filming her getting out of the car, she’s ducking and trying to make get way through a small crowd, cameras etc.

update: went back about two hours later and they are filming a DIFFERENT scene bc everyone has different clothes and there is a mob but is the same spot and same situation ie getting out of the car. I realize they are filming a continuation of the very last scene of the last episode especially given the fact she was wearing the same white running jacket. Here she is getting out of the car and Harrison and Huck are helping her through the mob and into a building and then it cuts. I saw the last take of that scene . They yell that’s a wrap, I see Kerry and Harrison hug and then Kerry Harrison and Guillermo start walking back to their trailers. I follow them walking literally four feet behind Kerry but I’m not stalking them because their trailers were parked right next to the entrance of my building. I waved at Kerry and I think she smiled at me! They all looked very happy. You can tell the cast gets along well and are good friends.

So looks like they are picking up right where they left off. No time jump.

Unfortunately, Tony was not there. No Terry receipts haha.

Omg watching filming of scandal. I see Kerry, Columbus, and Guillermo. Filming Kerry coming out of a car, cameras flashing, ducking from people


Nick Offerman Sings A Birthday Song For Megan Mullally On Leno

The “Rainbow Song.”

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Ask Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally your relationship questions, because there is no one else whose relationship is more enviable.


Ron Swanson’s Bacon Shortage Tips

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